CECS Peer Mentoring Program

The CECS Student Success Center provides a Peer Mentoring Program to incoming direct from high school students.  Starting day one, during summer orientation freshmen meet their mentors! 

CECS Peer Mentors attend over 18 summer orientations during the summer to share experiences, provide a foundation for networking, and discuss leadership opportunities within the college.  Providing friendship and tips to get acclimated to the freshman year of college as an engineering or computer science student is what the CECS Peer Mentoring Program is all about.  

Please meet the 2015 CECS Peer Mentors below, their service and leadership is invaluable to our mission of student success!

Goonmeet Bajaj
2018, Computer Science

Email address: bajaj.3@wright.edu
DSAB; CECS Peer Tutor, 4+1 Program, Student
Worker, Dean’s Leadership Institute

Leah Blake
2018, Computer Science

Email address: blake.67@wright.edu
CECS Clubs, Scholarship Awardee, Student Worker

Emily Burns
Mechanical Engineering

Email address: burns.130@wright.edu
President of Dean’s Student Advisory Board,
Student Ambassador, Peer Mentor,
Previous member of Student Government,
WPAFB propulsion intern

Mark Cargill
Biomedical Engineering

Email address: cargill.3@wright.edu
Engineers Without Borders, Peer Mentoring
Program, TA

Katrina Catledge
2016, Materials Science and Engineering

Email address: catledge.2@wright.edu
Xtreme Bots, Industry Tours, CECS Clubs,

Jennell Chumney
2018, Biomedical Engineering

Email address: chumey.2@wright.edu
CECS Ambassador, Dean’s High School Visits,
Scholarship Awardee

Kaitlyn Danner
2016 (Master's 2017), Biomedical Engineering

BMES, EWB, Student Ambassadors,
DSAB, Tau Beta Pi

Scott Duberstein
Computer Science

CS 1180 TA, DSAB, CS Help Room,   
Start-up worker, Peer Mentoring Program

Jessy Eid
2017, Industrial Engineering

Secretary of Biomedical and Industrial
Student Advisory Board, President of Institute
of Industrial Engineers, Assistant Researcher
for DAOL Lab

Bridget Fricke
2016, Biomedical Engineering

Email address: fricke.16@wright.edu
President  Phi Sigma Rho
President  Society of Women Engineers

Thomas Gaier
2018, Mechanical Engineering

Email address: gaier.17@wright.edu
Peer Tutor, Dean’s Student Advisory Board,
High School Visit Program, Xtreme BOTS,
Student Government, Trebuchet Contest, Travel
Abroad, Industry Tours, Honors Program, 4+1

Zach Ganger
2015, Materials Science and Engineering

Email address: ganger.4@wright.edu
Interned at Klockner Pentaplast

Chad Geesman
2017, Mechanical Engineering, minor in Supply Chain Management

Email address: geesman.2@wright.edu
AIAA President, DSAB, Peer Mentor Program
CIn/DAY AIAA Student Leader, Member of Gas
Engine Turbine Tech Committee, Work at Ethicon

Moe Hamdan
2016, Biomedical Engineering-Pre Med

Email address: hamdan.6@wright.edu
CECS Ambassador, Student Club Officer,
Dean’s Leadership Institute, Peer Tutor,
Honors Program, 4+1, Student Worker,
Co-Op at Cradle

Lexi Heironimus
Biomedical Engineering-Pre Med

Email address: heironimus.6@wright.edu
Xtreme BOTS, DSAB, Honors Program,
Student Worker, CECS Student Ambassadors,
AFRL Discovery Lab (SATE/YATE)

Kelsey Hill
Mechanical Engineering

Email address: hill.303@wright.edu
Phi Sigma Rho, SWE, Teaching Assistant,
Math Center Tutor, Honors Program,
Club Soccer, Peer Mentor

Ashley Jenkins
2018, Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Email address: Jenkins.213@wright.edu
CECS Peer Tutor, CECS Ambassador,
Math Department Employee, DSAB,
Engineers Without Borders

Joe Kershner
2016, Biomedical Engineering (Masters)

Email address: kershner.13@wright.edu
Student Ambassador, Peer Mentor,
Teaching Assistant, Honors Program,
BS/MS, Tau Beta Pi

Elyse Patrick
2017, Biomedical Engineering

Email address: patrick.80@wright.edu
CECS Dean’s Office Student Worker,
CECS Club Officer, Scholarship Awardee

Joe Peoples
2017, Mechanical Engineering

Email address: joe.peoples0724@yahoo.com
EWB Treasurer, CECS Student Ambassador,
DSAB, High School Visits, and Xtreme Bots

Krista Vanderhorst
2018, Computer Engineering

Email address: vanderhorst.20@wright.edu 
Student Worker on Campus, Scholarship Awardee,
Peer Mentor

Jordan Yaney
2016, Biomedical Engineering

Email address: yaney.6@wright.edu  
Student Worker, CECS Club Officer, CECS Ambassador,
DSAB, High School Visits, Honors Program, 4+1 Program,
Xtreme Bots, WSU Sports