Thomas Simon

I am an engineering student at Ecole des Mines de Nantes. During my studies, I have been the team leader of a 3D reconstruction project. The goal was to design, simulate and build a 3D Scanner. This made me improve my teamwork skills to a very good level. I learned to push myself and my team mates to work harder. My passion for Computer science made me work on it from every angle, developing a “2D space landing” game with high level language, a minimalistic OS with assembly and a 3D graphic and physic engine in C++/OpenGL as well. Therefore, I have good skills in computer science, a very open mind and I am fairly confident with the discovering of new language or design pattern.

Curriculum Vitae

- Favorite catchphrase?
The pessimism of intelligence and the optimism of will.  

 - Most used app?
Google Maps

- Superhero power?
Infinite memory


-Favorite food?
Crottin de Chavignol served on toast with honey