PhD in Engineering

Program Membership for New Faculty

Members with full graduate faculty status and an appointment to CECS may apply for Faculty Membership in the PhD in Engineering Program. Membership is available at two levels:

  • Dissertation-Qualified Faculty (DQF) status is required for all faculty who wish to serve as primary dissertation advisors. DQF status is renewable every 5 years.
  • Program Faculty status is available for faculty who do not wish to serve as primary dissertation advisors but who have ongoing involvement with the PhD in Engineering Program. For example, program faculty may represent the program on dissertation committees and participate in candidacy exams. Program Faculty status is renewable every 3 years.

To apply for Faculty Membership:

  • Contact the Program Director to request an application
  • Indicate the desired level of participation (DQF or Program)
  • Return the application by email and attach a 2-page résumé as described below:
    • Focusing on your activities for the last three years, provide the information requested below on two pages (maximum length) and attach to the application for review by the PhD in Engineering Program Affairs Committee.
      • Journal publications (published, accepted)
      • MS theses or PhD dissertations supervised (student name, title, year)
      • External contracts and grants submitted and awarded (sponsoring organization, project title, duration, funding)
      • PhD level courses taught (course number, title, quarter)
      • Honors and awards received (title, awarding agency, year)
      • Professional outreach activities (editor, session chair, reviewer)
      • Other information pertinent to the PhD in Engineering Program