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Ph.D. in Engineering

Program Qualification

After completion of the core-course requirements, usually no later than one year or 24 semester hours (whichever comes later) after entering the program, the student's academic record is checked for satisfactory performance in basic engineering principles as well as in the Ph.D. core courses. The student has to demonstrate satisfactory performance in basic engineering principles as well as in the Ph.D. core courses.

Basic Engineering Principles

There are four possibilities for the student to demonstrate satisfactory performance in basic engineering principles:

  • The passing of the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination
  • Graduation from an ABET accredited engineering program within the past seven years
  • Master's degree in engineering from an engineering school or department
  • The passing of the Basic Engineering Exam

The Basic Engineering Exam is of broad scope and tests fundamental skills in engineering. It is based upon the general part of the FE exam, for which practice exams and study materials are widely available.

The format of the Basic Engineering Exam is similar to that of the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination. The duration of the exam is 4 hours with 120 multiple-choice questions. Students are not allowed to bring any supporting materials; the Fundaments of Engineering Supplied-Reference Handbook will be handed out at the beginning of the exam.

The Basic Engineering Exam will be given in December and June.

The exam questions will be selected and the exams will be graded by a subcommittee established by the Student Affairs Committee. The Student Affairs Committee will review the results and make the final decision on the pass or fail.

Core-Course Evaluation

The students in the program must take at least three core courses and are considered to show satisfactory performance if they receive an A or B in each of these courses. Students receiving less than an A or B in a specific course may elect to repeat the course once. View Ph.D. in Engineering program information and degree requirements in the Academic Catalog.

Required Action

Each student must complete and submit a Program Qualification Request Form (PDF) to the program office as soon as all requirements for basic engineering principles and core courses are met. The same form is to be used to request a Basic Engineering Exam.


Students whose performance is judged to be unsatisfactory are given a maximum of two semesters to remedy their deficiencies. If they are not successful, they are dismissed from the program.

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