Trebuchet Competition

The Tournament

  1. The tournament will be conducted as a set of single elimination matches.
  2. Trebuchets eliminated in preceding matches compete in subsequent matches.
  3. Trebuchets may not be re-used from a previous year.
  4. Byes may be used to facilitate the tournament. When granted, priority will be given to teams with the fewest trebuchets, teams who register earliest, schools with the fewest students (entered), and finally by arbitrary decision by the judge. A team will not receive more than one bye per tournament. If in a given round, two remaining teams have previously received byes, they will be forced into match.
  5. Priority for scheduling matches: Teams from the same school will be pitted against one another early in the process. Nearby schools will then be pitted against one another. Remaining teams with fewer wins will always be pitted against each other.
  6. Expect to be ready to compete as soon as your team arrives. There is no guaranteed practice time or place.
  7. In the case of a final match between teams with an unequal number of wins: The team with more wins will win the tournament with one victory. The team with fewer wins will have to win two matches in a row to win the tournament.
  8. The final round will be allotted extra time. Other matches will be allotted 20 minutes or less, at the discretion of the director.
  9. If you or your team/s have special needs (like a late start time), please contact the director directly by email.