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Innovate your future.

The Wright State University Office of Professional Development in the College of Engineering and Computer Science is a leading choice for workforce development in Ohio. We do this by connecting you with a world-class educational institution and giving you access to some of the region’s top academic and industry leaders.

By gaining new skills, knowledge and ideas you can have a competitive advantage among your peers, advance your company, your career and set yourself apart as a leader. Our mission is to offer the highest quality classes and instructors.  Bringing you new skills and training in the most in-demand areas. We look to bring workforce development in Ohio to the forefront. We’re here to help you, innovate your future.

Upcoming Courses

July 2016

  • Advanced Design of Experiments

    Location: Rike 157
    Date(s): Wednesday, July 27, 2016
    Cost: $279

    This course builds upon DOE Part 1 by presenting more advanced DOE concepts.  Some experimental situations require more complex experimentation. In this course you will learn how to conduct large studies with minimal effort and expense using Fractional DOE designs.  You will also learn how to conduct a Response Surface DOE for those situations when a precise predictive equation is desired.  Free Excel templates make it easy for the student to focus on designing and conducting their DOE.  This course is perfect for a full understanding of DOE!


August 2016

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

    Location: Rike 058
    Monday, August 22, 2016 to Friday, August 26, 2016
    Cost: $3,995
    Course Description:
    The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course covers the knowledge needed to lead a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt process improvement project team or work with a Champion Team in identifying opportunities for improvement within an organization. The course includes pre-work and in-class and post-class learning of the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge.
    Attendees will learn:
    Instructors take students through a Lean Six Sigma process improvement project utilizing the DMAIC roadmap, concepts and tools needed to lead successful black belt projects.
    Topics include:
    • The Six Sigma Business Management methodology and the role of a Black Belt project leader
    • Working within an organizational structure to help guide Six Sigma Champions in improvement opportunity identi-fication and project selection
    • Leading the Six Sigma process improvement team through the DMAIC methodology, tools, and concepts
    • Planning and leading a Six Sigma pilot implementation and how to sustain the improvements over time
    • The basic LEAN (Learn, Examine, Amend, Note) principles
    • Team dynamics and situational leadership
    • Project management principles
    • Advanced Return on Investment analysis methods
    • Statistical Analysis Tools
    Included in this class:
    • Project Pre-work Package
    • In Class Project Application, Out of Class Project Homework
    • Certification Exam on last day of class
    • All class training materials, including the Indiana Quality Council CSSBB Primer which is widely considered as the best body of knowledge about Six Sigma that includes Project Management.
    • Mentoring sessions within 6 months of the last day of class
    Students must identify a real-world project which they will work on during the course to apply the concepts of Six Sigma.