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Student Derek Desentz wins prestigious DoD SMART scholarship

Derek Desentz, a junior computer science and computer engineering major at Wright State, interns at the Air Force Institute of Technology and received a prestigious SMART scholarship from the Department of Defense.

Google Selects Research Proposal from Wright State Computer Science Student Matt Piekenbrock



The graduate computer science student just wrote a successful research proposal to Google, winning the financial support of the internet-technology giant in the highly selective Google Summer of Code 2017 competition.

Highest Paying College Majors

We have the highest paying college major according to glassdoor

Computer Science median pay is $70,000. The full story at www.glassdoor.com

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Math & Science = Computer Science & Engineering

Math and Science translate into a Computer Science or Computer Engineering Degree

Learn the skills that will help open many doors in your career search in the Dayton area and beyond. Use creativeness, inquisitiveness, analysis, and attention to detail to solve problems using technology. Understand the hardware and software of computers.

Computer Science

A degree in Computer Science will give you a solid foundation in programming. Work with software and software systems in theory, design, development, and application.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer Systems and networks
  • Databases
  • Vision and Graphics
  • Programming languages
  • Web Design
  • Bioinformatics
  • Data Security

Computer Engineering

A degree in Computer Engineering allows you to work with every aspect of the system. Design and build computer systems from circuits to software.

  • Embedded systems
  • Networking technologies
  • Develop ways to improve computers
  • Robotics
  • Mobile Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Operating Systems
  • Software Engineering



Smart move

Wright State’s Derek Desentz wins prestigious scholarship from Department of Defense
Derek Desentz, a junior computer science and computer engineering major at Wright State, hones his coding skills as an intern at the Air Force Institute of Technology.
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Wright State grad students help create commercialization success story

Jeremy Brunn and Alan Smith became two important members of the Kno.e.sis team that transformed Twitris into a Dayton-based startup company.
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Kno.e.sis publication recognized by IEEE

One of our publications is recognized by IEEE as part of its 21st Annual Best of Computing:

Internet of Things to smart IoT through semantic, cognitive, and perceptual computing.

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Two Wright State graduate students help create commercialization success story

With the support of a grant from the National Science Foundation, two WSU graduate students helped transform an innovative, WSU-developed software tool, Twitris, into a Dayton start-up company - Cognovi Labs.

Former construction worker Jeremy Brunn used to spend his summer months performing backbreaking work, such as installing roofing shingles in 95-degree weather. Last summer, he and colleague, Alan Smith, helped transform a sophisticated software tool into a Dayton area start-up company.

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