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Jun 14, 2017

Former construction worker Jeremy Brunn used to spend his summer months performing backbreaking work, such as installing roofing shingles in 95-degree weather. Last summer, he and colleague, Alan Smith, helped transform a sophisticated software tool into a Dayton area start-up company.

Jeremy’s transformation from pounding nails to commercializing technology started when he decided to lay down his hammer and pick up a textbook on programming languages.

“So far, coming to Wright...

May 31, 2017
More than 150 electrical engineering, computer science and computer engineering students practiced innovative design skills on unmanned aerial systems.
May 24, 2017
Excerpt A Dayton-area high tech firm is celebrating recent big investments and announcing a new focus. Cognovi Labs, Inc. — the AI and predictive behavioral analytics company that says it last year predicted the outcome of the Brexit and the …
May 22, 2017
A research project by Matt Piekenbrock, a graduate computer science at Wright State, was selected by the Google Summer of Code 2017 competition.
May 3, 2017
Wright State is the only public institution in Ohio that offers a technical master’s degree in cybersecurity.
Apr 24, 2017
Book cover for Network Role Mining and Analysis

Assistant Professor Dr. Derek Doran recently published a book on the topic of network role mining. This is the task of classifying nodes in a network with labels representing their contribution or function to the structure of and operation of a complex system. For example, in an online social network describing relationships in an online forum, there may be “lurkers” who never post, “trolls” who try to instigate arguments, and “...

Apr 12, 2017

This year we had over 100 people sign up and 80 people attend our annual Hack-a-Thon Make-IT-Wright. Work started at 9am Saturday and finished at 9am Sundy with teams working through the night. This 24 hour event shows how great projects can be produced in a short amount of time. 

This years winners are

1st Place: Good Luck (Loki) - A custom virtual keyboard for Android devices. The keyboard randomizes key layout to simulate “drunken” texts from sober...

Feb 13, 2017
If you see Jesus Quiroz walking the halls around Wright State you’ll notice that his hands are moving faster that his feet.
Nov 30, 2016
Five Wright State engineering and computer science students will participate NASA’s Robotic Mining Competition at the Kennedy Space Center.
Nov 30, 2016

The 10th annual Hacksec Packetwars ( took place in Dayton on October 16th, 2016 bringing out the best and brightest cyber security minds from around the globe.  This years winners were the Wright State University Cyber Security Club team comprised of the club founder  Mike Alfaro and club members Clayton Horstman, Jonathan Zentgraf, Corey Miller, and Ethan Wolfer.  The Wright State Cyber Security Club was founded in 2014 to provide students...


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