Brandeberry Career Development Center

Brandeberry Career Development Center

Careers and Internships

The Brandeberry Career Development Center helps engineering students meet their career goals. The process usually starts with resume-building and ends with salary-negotiation help. Start by scheduling your initial meeting.

Student Success Stories

Derek Desentz

Computer Science & Computer Engineering

WSU sophomore Derek Desentz is not only a double major in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, he is also a “double intern” as well, doing internships for both AFIT and NextGen Federal.  Desentz reports that he learned of both internships th

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Employer Success Stories

DPL Inc (part of the AES Corporation)

DPL Inc (part of the AES Corporation) serves as a large employer in the Dayton area and is a valued corporate partner of the Brandeberry Career Development Center.  A Fortune 200 global power company, it has recently taken on two WSU College

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