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Feb 26, 2020
Student sits at a computer at Booz Allen Hamilton

Haneen Barri is an alumna who now works as a full-stack developer at Booz Allen Hamilton

How did you find out or hear about Wright State as a high school student?

"My older sister had attended Wright State University."

Why did you choose Wright State?

"It had a strong program in the major I was interested in and it allowed me to stay near family."

How were your experiences with the faculty and teachers at...

Jan 24, 2020
Eva Stanglein

"I was only a sophomore when I started this position, I hadn’t gone through many major-specific courses yet to apply to my work, my internship with KitchenAid has taught me more than I could learn in a classroom. I had the opportunity to work with talented engineers who gave me the tools to lead my own projects and space to complete them independently. Being able to lead the project from justifying the need for improvement through implementing the change until seeing the results (fewer...

Jan 24, 2020

"As an engineering student, it is fascinating to work with a big organization because of their professionalism and adoption of technological advancement in their work making the work exciting and fun.

I worked on-site for our client Amazon situated at Dallas, Texas where I conducted a time study on impacts of safety compliance guarding (related to different conveyor belts and its installation) and provided process improvement ideas for reducing installation time, manufacturing cost...

Jan 24, 2020

"I found this internship via Handshake. Principal hired over 250 summer interns with 90 being in Information Technology. Throughout the summer, the interns worked on different teams, but for one week the IT interns organized into specialized groups to produce applications through software development cycles and continuous updates and developments on a system. My team's project consisted of connecting a web portal to Salesforce and Google cloud."

Trent Church
Computer Science...

Jan 24, 2020
Jack Stafford

"Woolpert is a company with many disciplines. I specifically found their UAS department the most fascinating. I was also told they offer their interns the opportunity to move around in the company, meaning I could try a few disciplines such as MEP drafting, or geospatial mapping.  I had no idea I would end up participating in international exchange and end up in Sweden!"

Jack Stafford
Mechanical Engineer

Jan 24, 2020

"As an intern at Norfolk Southern, I was responsible for analyzing customer shipping activity and the freight audits.  By optimizing the mode of transportation and minimum transportation miles, I was able to generate savings opportunities for the company. The concepts I learned and the term projects I completed during the engineering supply chain course at Wright State University were very instrumental in the success of my internship."

Shubham Solanki
M.S. in Industrial and...

Jan 24, 2020

Adebowale Oluwapelumi
What is your major: Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in Mathematics.
What is your year in school: Alumnus, just graduated.

Why did you choose your major?
I had a passion for engineering when I was growing up. My father is a Civil Engineer and has some of the construction equipment. During my elementary school holidays, I will go to work with him and I had the opportunity to see how this equipment operates. I was...

Jan 24, 2020

What is your major:

Electrical engineering, with minors in math and computer science

What is your year in school: Senior

Why did you choose your major?

I choose my major because as I was completing my AAS of industrial technology, I found that I enjoyed my electrical circuits and programming classes much more than my mechanical engineering classes.

Why did you choose...

Jan 24, 2020

"Over the past 10 years, Wright State has been an excellent source for engineering talent for our company.  What we've achieved in terms of quality, innovation, and success is largely due to Wright State engineering graduates who are part of our team. Wright State is always the first source we turn to when we have an engineering staffing need."

Charlie Henze, Human Resources Manager/Admin Lead

Jan 24, 2020
Booz Allen Hamilton

"We have had great success recruiting from Wright State for over a decade. On our modeling and simulation team of over 100 engineers and computer scientists, almost 40% have degrees from Wright State. We primarily fill our open intern positions with students from Wright State as they are local and can work part-time for us year-round vs working for just one semester. This gives us the continuity we need, as interns obtain security clearances and become proficient with the simulations and...

Jan 24, 2020
Wright State alumni at Leidos

"Leidos’ partnership with Wright State University has been a central factor in our continued success and growth in Dayton. Our partnership provides us the opportunity to build long-term relationships with students so that they are fully engaged on day one. With Wright State, we have been also been able to build a more diverse workforce, which is critical for being innovative and responsive to today’s dynamic environment."

—Jen. R. VanKuiken, Leidos

Jan 24, 2020
Reynolds and Reynolds Company logo

"Wright State Engineering students and graduates are a vital asset to the Dayton workforce.  For years, we have had the opportunity to work with Raider engineering students through our sponsorships of the programming competition, scholarships, and the Reynolds Espresso Lane Café. Our managers are impressed with the work and professionalism of associates from the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Wright State."


Jan 24, 2020
O'Neil & Associates, Inc. Logo

"Wright State engineering and computer science interns have proven to be an integral part of our software development group in 2019. We welcome additional opportunities in the future to provide even more students with critical, real-world experience as part of the ONEIL team.”  

—Armando Monzon, director of software development

Jan 24, 2020
Leah Lynch interned at UDRI

Leah Lynch, Junior
Mechanical Engineering

Why did you choose your major?

"I took my first calculus class in high school and it was incredibly difficult for me because I wasn’t flying through questions as I used to in geometry and algebra. At first, I was incredibly discouraged, but over time, I started to love the challenge. This brought me to explore STEM majors and I decided to try a branch of engineering. From there, I signed up for Wright State’s...

Sep 12, 2016

DPL Inc (part of the AES Corporation) serves as a large employer in the Dayton area and is a valued corporate partner of the Brandeberry Career Development Center. A Fortune 200 global power company, it has recently taken on two Wright State College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) graduate students as Portfolio Analyst interns. AES Corporation has earned worldwide name recognition through its work in energy distribution and thermal and renewable generation facilities. AES states...

Sep 12, 2016

Redwall Technologies is a cyber-security company dedicated to providing high-quality and effective cyber-security expertise, software engineering, and leading-edge technology to assist both public and private sectors against security threats. Redwall supervisor Mike Collins states that they have been happy with their Wright State student interns and notes that recent Wright State intern Caleb Smith has been great to work with and well-prepared by the College. Collins appreciates his pleasant...

Sep 12, 2016

Materials Resources LLC (MRL) is a pioneer in microstructure-informed additive manufacturing and integration of data science with simulation and state of the art characterization to address materials challenges in aerospace and defense industry. MRL activities are geared towards the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts in metal laser powder bed additive manufacturing, microstructure characterization, mechanical testing, innovative high-throughput heat treatment, and fatigue life...

Sep 12, 2016

Founded in Dayton, Ohio, BWI Group serves as a premier chassis supplier as well as designer and manufacturer of brake and suspension systems around the world.

As a valued corporate partner of the Wright State Brandeberry Career Development Center, BWI Group has hired many Wright State students for internships. 

BWI Group supervisor Kathy Murphy states that it has been a pleasure working with one of their recent interns, Renyssa Davis. Murphy comments that Davis is self-...

Sep 12, 2016

World-renowned HVACR company Emerson Climate Technologies is a valued corporate partner of the Wright State Brandeberry Career Development Center and popular internship spot for Wright State College of Engineering and Computer Science students. Emerson is known for its global engineering, design, distribution, installation, and monitoring capabilities and provides reliable, energy efficient climate systems for a variety of applications. 

Known for its emphasis on technology and...

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