Access, affordability, preeminence: Welcome from Dean Nathan Klingbeil

Welcome to the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS), where our vision for access, affordability, and preeminence can become your reality.

Access means innovations in engineering and computer science education that are designed to maximize your progress toward a degree, regardless of your standardized test scores or school district of origin. From our nationally recognized engineering math program to our student-centered active learning environment in computer science, we have removed the traditional bottlenecks to student success. Meanwhile, our CECS Student Success Center provides a wide range of student support services and programs designed to keep you firmly on your path toward graduation.

Affordability means an opportunity to earn degrees in some of today’s highest demand fields without buckling under the burden of student loan debt. In addition to our competitive tuition rates and scholarship packages, you will enjoy tremendous opportunities for internship, co-op, undergraduate research and teaching, which can help offset the cost of an undergraduate education without increasing your time to graduation. As a top student enrolled in our 4+1 program, you can earn your master’s degree in just five years out of high school, and may even get paid to do it.

Preeminence means nationally recognized programs in research and graduate studies that leverage our unique position in the Dayton region. Our proximity to the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base means cutting-edge research opportunities in today’s hottest fields, like cyber science and sensors, autonomous systems and advanced manufacturing. Dual-use of these technologies in the healthcare sector means one-of-a-kind facilities like our Neuroscience and Engineering Collaboration (NEC) building, where engineering and computer science students can work alongside neuroscientists and physicians to design engineering solutions for improved patient care.

In the College of Engineering and Computer Science, we believe access is not just a priority, it is an imperative; affordability is not just a preference, it is a necessity; and preeminence is not just a goal, it is a standard. Join us, and make our vision your reality.

Nathan W. Klingbeil, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science

Our Mission

At the College of Engineering and Computer Science, it is our mission to educate an enterprising community of leaders who seek to improve the human condition by bringing discovery and innovation to the world. Our graduates are uniquely prepared to advance frontiers of an expanding host of fields through contributions in both technology and entrepreneurship.

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