College Committees


Ad Hoc Committee for Faculty Awards

  • Fred Garber
  • Angela Griffith
  • Karen Meyer
  • Joe Tritschler

Athletic Council Representative

Name Department Term
Marty Emmert EE 2015-2017

Curriculum Committee

Name Department Term
Frank Ciarallo BIE 2015-2017
Marty Emmert EE 2015-2017
James Menart MME 2014-2016
Emily Burns Student (non-voting)  
Vanessa Starkey CSE 2015-2017
  University Curriculum  
  University Curriculum Alternate  

Faculty Development Committee

Name Department Term
Ping He BIE 2015-2017
Caroline Cao BIE 2014-2016
Xinhui Zhang BIE 2015-2017
Henry Chen EE 2015-2017
Yan Zhuang EE 2014-2016
Yong Pei CSE 2014-2016
Marty Emmert EE 2014-2016
Joseph Slater MME 2015-2017
Amir Farajian MME 2015-2017
John Gallagher CSE 2015-2017
Jack Jean CSE 2014-2016
Nathan Klingbeil Dean Ex-officio
Junghsen Lieh MME 2014-2016
Michael Raymer University P&T Committee
(elected at-large in the college; non-voting member of CECS FDC)

Faculty Senators (elected)

Name Department Term
Caroline Cao BIE 2014-2016
Travis Doom CS 2015-2017
Fred Garber EE 2014-2016

Graduate Council Representatives

Name Department Term
Michael Raymer PhD in EGR 2014-2017
Jim Menart Program Director 2014-2017
John Gallagher Alt. (at-large) 2015-2018
Jennie Gallimore Associate Dean  

Graduate Studies Committee

Name Department Term
Mitch Wolff MME 2015-2017
Pratik Parikh BIE 2014-2016
T.K. Prasad CSE 2014-2016
Arnab Shaw EE 2015-2017

Petitions Committee

Name Department Term
Kaitlyn Danner Student Univ Petition Cmt Repr  
S. Ganapathy, Chair BIE 2014-2016
Maher Amer MME 2015-2017
Jack Jean CSE 2014-2016
Frank Zhang EE 2015-2017

Scholarship Committee

Name Department Term
Mitch Heaton Development Dir, ex-officio Univ Scholar Council  
Ahsan Mian MME 2014-2016
Dan Rapking Student  
Brandy Foster CSE 2015-2017
Michael Saville EE 2014-2016
Joe Tritschler, BIE 2015-2017

Steering Committee

Name Department Term
Emily Burns Student Government  
Caroline Cao BIE 2015-2017
Marty Emmert, Chair EE 2014-2016
Jack Jean CSE 2014-2016
Nathan Klingbeil Dean Ex-officio
Scott Thomas MME 2015-2017

Teaching Awards Committee

Name Department Term
Phani Kidambi 2012-2013 Recipient  
Laynce Yoder Student, EE  
Tori Robinson Student, CSE  
Joe Tritschler 2013-2014 Recipient  
Nasser Kashou 2014-2015 Recipient  

Technology Committee

Name Department Term
Tom Bazzoli ex-officio  
Jordan Yaney Student, BIE  
Rory Roberts MME 2013-2015
Joy Peoples Student, MME  
David Kender BIE 2015-2017
Emma Sum Student, EE  
Jay Osborn CC  
Goonmeet Baja Student, CSE  
Michael Van Horn CC  
John Wu EE 2014-2016
Jungie Zhang CSE 2014-2016

Previous Years' Committees

The following are downloadable versions of the College of Engineering and Computer Science's College Committees from previous years:

College Committees

Except where noted as "non voting", all student may vote. Ex-officio members are non voting.