CECS Overview

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Profiles in Research

CECS Research & Experiential Learning
Advancing safety and success of robotic surgery: Dr. Caroline Cao
Developing terahertz sensor technology for security and safety: John Middendorf
Extracting information from sensor data: Dr. Brian Rigling
Guiding undergraduate education and hands-on research: Dr. Travis Doom

Industry Collaboration

CECS Internship Opportunities
Automating DNA analysis: Forensic Bioinformatics, a Wright State start-up success

Innovative Education

Industrial Systems Engineering is Fun & Improves Our World | Subhashini Ganapathy, PhD | TEDxDayton
Questioning the equation: Nathan Klingbeil at TEDxDayton
Ensuring success for international students with resources, research, and renowned faculty
Meeting a growing demand: Cyber Security programs at Wright State
Enhancing engagement with SCALE-UP (Student Centered Active Learning Environment)

Building a Legacy

Clark Beck

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