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Fritz and Delores Russ Engineering Center

The Fritz and Delores Russ Engineering Center is the largest academic building on campus and provides the cornerstone of the engineering college's mission of serving its students, faculty, and industrial partners throughout the Miami Valley. Completed in 1992, it was named for Fritz and Dolores Russ, the founders of Systems Research Laboratories Inc. Some of the areas you may find interesting include:

Programming and Discrete Math Help Room, 315 Russ Engineering

The staff of the Programming and Discrete Math Help Room is available for simple questions related to development environments, programming language syntax, and logic errors. Our staff will help you  understand specific requirements of programming assignments. They will not  help you  design solutions to assignments. If you have questions about program design, ask  the course TA or instructor. We can answer questions about programming assignments for courses using languages such as C, Java, and C++ as well as discrete mathematics.

Electrical Engineering Help Room, 250 Russ Engineering

Student tutors offer help to electrical engineering students in this welcoming setting. This room also includes space for adjunct faculty members to meet with students and is the permanent home of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) student organization.

Student Organization and Club Room, 251 Russ Engineering

The College of Engineering and Computer Science includes more than 15 student organizations. The Student Organization and Club room is their home base, a place where members meet to organize events and enjoy the social interactions that promote networking and lifelong friendships.

SCALE-UP Classrooms, 150 Russ Engineering

Enhancing engagement with SCALE-UP (Student-Centered Active Learning Environment)

Wright State’s advanced Student-Centered Active Learning Environment (SCALE-UP) classrooms increase student engagement, group work, innovation, and understanding of complex ideas. Learning moves beyond professors’ lectures and textbook reading to engaging videos, critical thinking, discussion, and interactive, hands-on group exercise.

IVDL Classrooms, 154 Russ Engineering

You can enjoy videoconferencing in a classroom setting at Wright State’s Integrated Visual Distance Learning classrooms. Faculty members may teach a class at either Dayton or Lake Campus and include students from other off-site locations. IVDL connects two or more classrooms with audio and video equipment that enables participants to see and talk with each other, almost as if they were in the same room.

Student Study Lounge, First Floor, Russ Engineering

Work alone or with others in our huge and relaxing study lounge. You will find comfy couches, tables, and chairs as well as a whiteboard for group projects.

Open Computer Labs, 152B and 152D, Russ Engineering

You can take advantage of our two open computer labs 24/7 with a building entry card. The computer lab area also includes printers and whiteboards.

Dining and Vending Area, first floor, Russ Engineering

Near the junction of Russ Engineering and the Student Union, you will find a vending area with a sink, microwave, and a half-dozen or more machines offering drink and food items.

Krishan and Vicky Joshi Research Center

Opened in 2006, this 48,000-square-foot building houses a center for data-intensive technology innovation. Located between the Russ Engineering Center and the Student Union, Joshi is headquarters for many centers and labs. Research areas of focus include supply chain, bioinformatics, and capabilities planning. Some of the areas you may find interesting include:

Academic Advising, 280 Joshi

Academic advisors are here to help you with major exploration, degree requirements, and university resources. Centralized advising at Wright State helps you move smoothly into a degree program that fits your interests while pairing you with advisors who understand your potential career path and help you stay on track for graduation.

Brandeberry Career Development Center, 292 Joshi

The Brandeberry Career Development Center helps engineering students meet their career goals. With resume help, mock interviews, networking events, and internships, students can pick and choose the help they need. The process usually starts with resume-building and ends with salary-negotiation help. Start by scheduling your initial meeting.

Engineering Mathematics Help Room, 299 Joshi

If you are enrolled in Engineering Mathematics (EGR 1010), this is the place to get assistance from both peer and staff members. See the room schedule.

Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building

The Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration (NEC) Building houses the collective brainpower of almost 30 top neuroscientists, engineers, and clinicians and their teams. The catalyst for this exceptional work is the 90,000-square-foot NEC building that opened in 2015. The four-story, L-shaped structure features two wings — one for neuroscience and one for engineering — that flank a central, multi-story atrium. Open teaming areas give researchers space to interact and share knowledge. The structure is honeycombed with laboratories, features a special bullpen for graduate and undergraduate student researchers and includes offices, conference rooms, and a 105-seat auditorium for research symposiums.


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