Academic Procedures

Date Created/Revised: 8/29/2018
Executive Responsibility: Steering Committee

College Administrative Policies and Procedures are under the authority of the Dean and jointly curated by the Dean and the Steering Committee. No policy shall supersede or contradict university policies established by the Faculty Senate or by the University administration or by the CBA.

Classification and Advising of Incoming and Continuing Students

Pre-Majors: All incoming students who declare a CECS major are classified as pre-majors. All Pre students have an electronic PIN which locks their registration until removed by their advisor.

Full-Majors: Students who satisfy all full major admission requirements for the College of Engineering and Computer Science and their respective major are classified as full majors. These students are eligible to enroll in upper division (3000 level and higher) courses. Students are converted from pre to full majors by the academic advising office staff.

Revised: 8/29/2018

Probation and Dismissal

Students who are on probation must have their advisor’s approval of their course selection before they register for classes. Advisor approval is also required for all drop-add transactions. The student’s course load may be restricted if the advisor feels such a restriction is necessary. The advisor may also request that the student seek counseling, complete remedial work, repeat courses, or take other steps as appropriate. Students who remain on probation for two or more terms may be dismissed from the university for unsatisfactory academic performance.  Dismissal action is taken by the chief academic officer of the college, school, or division to which the students are assigned, in consultation with the head of the respective program unit or the academic advisor. In taking dismissal action, the academic officer will generally consider the student's progress toward meeting degree requirements, as well as overall academic performance. Recommendations for dismissal should originate in departmental offices and be approved by department chairs.  Department chairs should forward recommendations for dismissal to the dean of the college. Notice of dismissal from the university will be sent directly to the student on behalf of the dean of the college.

Revised: 8/29/2018

Change of Major Outside of CECS

All students (IECS, PRE and Full majors) who wish to change to a major outside of CECS should notify an advisor and complete the electronic Change of Major Request in WINGS Express.

Revised: 8/29/2018

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