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Innovate your future.

The Wright State University Office of Professional Development in the College of Engineering and Computer Science is a leading choice for workforce development in Ohio. We do this by connecting you with a world-class educational institution and giving you access to some of the region’s top academic and industry leaders.

By gaining new skills, knowledge and ideas you can have a competitive advantage among your peers, advance your company, your career and set yourself apart as a leader. Our mission is to offer the highest quality classes and instructors.  Bringing you new skills and training in the most in-demand areas. We look to bring workforce development in Ohio to the forefront. We’re here to help you, innovate your future.

Upcoming Courses

December 2015

  • Executive Leadership for Lean Six Sigma

    Location: A230 Creative Arts
    Date(s): Wednesday, December 2, 2015
    Cost: $479
    Executive Management, lead your organization to Peak Performance through Lean Six Sigma. Learn the “What” and “How” of Lean Six Sigma and the roadmap to a successful Lean Six Sigma transformation. Discover the two critical factors and 14 pre-suppositions of Lean Six Sigma leadership. Create strategies, priorities, action plans and the culture for Lean Six Sigma success.
    Drive productivity, efficiency and profitability at every level of your organization by leading the strategic transformation to a Lean Six Sigma quality culture. Learn the benefits of a customer-focused quality strategy.
    Course Outline - One day course
    • The Focus on Quality and the Customer
    • The Historical Basis for Lean Six Sigma
    • What is Lean?
    • The 8 Wastes and Waste Elimination
    • Flow Improvement
    • Lean Goals
    • Lean Tools
    • What is Six Sigma?
    • Elimination of Defects and Variation
    • DFSS (Design for Six Sigma)
    • DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control)
    • Six Sigma Project Teams
    • Organizational Structure and Roles
    • Two Critical Organizational Factors
    • 14 Lean Six Sigma Leadership Presuppositions
    • Two Distinct Paradigms of Leadership
    • What is a Lean Six Sigma Culture?
    • How does Executive Leadership Create a Lean Six Sigma Culture?
    • The Breakthrough Performance Model
    • A&P (Assessment & Prioritization) Process
    • The A&P Scorecard
    • Strategies and Action Plans for a Lean Six Sigma Transformation