Cyber Education and Research Center (CERC)

Research Opportunities


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Wright State University recently received a grant, titled "REU Site: Cybersecurity Research at Wright State University", from the National Science Foundation. This NSF REU site offers a ten-week summer program that aims at providing a diverse group of motivated undergraduates with competitive research experiences in cyber-security research. A variety of projects will be offered in Network Security, Intrusion Detection, Wireless Sensor Network Security, Internet Malware Detection, Analysis, and Mitigation, Software Reverse Engineering and Vulnerability Discovery, and Privacy-Preserving Data Mining. More information of this REU Site can be found at  

In addition there are two ongoing projects sponsored by DARPA and ONR for Deepfake techniques, Deep Understanding of Technical Documents, and Computer Security (like memory attacks).

Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-Physical Systems are jointly physical and computational and are characterized by complex loops of cause and effect between the computational and physical components. We focus on the creation of methods by which such systems can self-adapt to repair damage and exploit opportunities and methods by which we can explain and understand how they operate even after having diverged from their original forms. Our current application area the creation of control systems for insect-like flapping-wing air vehicles that repair themselves, in flight, after suffering wing damage.

Click here for more information about Cyber Physical Systems at Wright State University


Research Labs

Research Publications

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