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Sara Stacklin, Electrical Engineering

What is your major:

Electrical engineering, with minors in math and computer science

What is your year in school: Senior

Why did you choose your major?

I choose my major because as I was completing my AAS of industrial technology, I found that I enjoyed my electrical circuits and programming classes much more than my mechanical engineering classes.

Why did you choose Wright State?

I choose Wright State because it felt like the best fit for me during my visits, and I enjoyed the campus.

How did you find your internship?

Through the Wright State career fair

Why did you choose that specific company?

Because I was looking to experience different ways to use my electrical engineering degree, and Silfex gave me that opportunity.

What have you learned or gained from your internship experience?

In the course of my internship, I’ve created a script to help process engineers access data stored in a SQL server. I had to learn both JMP (a statistical analysis software with scripting capabilities) and SQL statements on the fly. Because of my exposure to multiple coding languages in my experience at Wright State (namely C and Java, with some MatLab), I was able to learn these new skills easily using the tools given to me. Experience in looking at the documentation in C and Java lets me easily look up documentation for JMP Scripting Language functions to use in my code.

Any advice for students seeking an internship?

Apply everywhere! Don’t just focus on one aspect of your degree or just one company. There’s no guarantee you’ll get into that one specific company or sector, and you should keep your options open and experience new things! Internships are for figuring out what you like before you graduate and need to commit to a full job.

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