Senior Design Projects

Innovation Abounds in the College of Engineering and Computer Science

photo of students on the robotics teamAll CECS students complete senior design projects. Past designs have been entered in national design contests, used to facilitate human function, and positively influenced the environment. Projects challenge students and exhibit their apt ability to problem-solve, create, and ultimately, innovate.

Learn more in-depth about some research projects in the Design Teams and Research Opportunities brochure (PDF).

Examples of Senior Design Projects

  • High Altitude Balloon
  • Prosthetic Socket Manufacturing Machine
  • Moon Buggy
  • Automated System for Demineralization in Bone
  • Deep Tissue Injury Treatment with LEDs
  • Shell Eco-Car
  • What is the Optimal Symbol Size?
  • Exercise Chair Design
  • Human Powered Vehicle Competition
  • Third World Country Incubator
  • Facial Hemangioma Phantom Project
  • Autonomous Lawnmower
  • SAE Mini Baja
  • "€œJust Think"€-Application of EEG signals to simple tasks
  • Multiuser Interactive Networked Campus Simulation (MINCS)
  • Micro Air Vehicle
  • SAE Aero Design Competition

Projects Associated with Local and National Competitions

  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aero Design Competition: The WSU Aero Design Team has consistently placed in the top five nationally in this competition  
  • Robotic Lawnmower Competition: A collaborative team of CECS students recently placed third in this national competition; currently, students are focused on applying a similar technology to field striping for football, baseball, and soccer.
  • Human Powered Vehicles Competition CECS engineering students develop bicycles that are advanced in terms of speed, endurance, and cargo capacity; WSU students are strong competitors
  • Association of Computing Machinery Contest Students have the chance to compete on the local and national level in this programming competition. It culminates in the World Finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest where over 2000 teams from 88 countries compete.