Computer Science and Engineering

Senior Design Projects

All computer science, computer engineering, information technology and cybersecurity, electrical engineering, and electrical and computer engineering technology students are required to complete a capstone course at the end of their degree program. They work in interdisciplinary groups to explore concepts connected to current themes in business. Presentations of the completed projects take place at the end of each semester. 

2020-21 Project Topic – Internet of Things 

Spring 2021 

  • The Smart Spice Rack 
  • What’s Slow Cookin, 'Good Lookin’ 
  • Smart Alarm Clock 
  • IoT Smart Blender 
  • Smart Alarm Clock 
  • Smart Brewer 
  • Smart Coffee Grinder 
  • Mr. Smarty Coffee Maker
  • Internet of Toast
  • Smart Toaster Oven 
  • Mobile Toaster 
  • Wonder Pot
  • Smart Trash Bin 
  • IoT Crawlspace Vent Fan 
  • Smart electric space heater 
  • IOT Connected Mailbox (ICM) 
  • The Healthy Cat
  • The Programmable Pet Feeder 
  • Smart Light Controller (SLC) 
  • Smart Glass Window 
  • The Smart Safe
  • The Smart Planter 
  • The Indoor Plant Monitor

Fall 2020 

  • Instabrew
  • Smart Coffee Maker
  • Temperature Controlled Coffee Maker 
  • Amanecer Alarm Clock
  • Cyber Mirror 
  • Humiditator 9000 
  • Smart Waste Organization Bin 
  • IOT Controllable Pet Water Bowl 
  • Jar Jar Thinks - A smart cookie jar 
  • Intelligent Plant Pot 
  • Digital Package Delivery Lock 
  • Plant-Away
  • IoT Air Fryer 
  • The Smart Hot Plate 
  • The Auto Drink - An internet of things mixer! 

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