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Computer Science Essentials Certificate

Why Choose Computer Science Essentials?

Gain an understanding of technology and its applications!

The Computer Science Essentials certificate is available to non-computer science majors. This certificate will give you a competitive edge in the workplace and add value to any major in today’s technology-driven society. You will be exposed to core computer science concepts, including data analysis, programming, cybersecurity, database, and web development - to name a few topic areas. You will learn to apply algorithmic problem-solving techniques to solve problems in their application area. 

This certificate is available to any Wright State student who meets the certificate admission criteria. The majority of the courses required are available as part of the Wright State Core. This will allow you to earn the certificate while working towards your degree.

Academics and Curriculum

View the Computer Science Essentials certificate program requirements in the Academic Catalog

Program Guides

We will revise our programs to keep them as current as possible. Your advisor will go over your options if there is a change.



If you are interested in the certificate in Computer Science Essentials, you will need to:

  • Have declared a major at Wright State
  • Have earned a C or higher in CS 1150

How to Apply

For current Wright State students, please complete the Undergraduate Certificate Application.

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