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Programming and Discrete Math Help Room


314 Russ Engineering Center



The Help Room has open hours Wednesday through Saturday per the schedule below. If a time block states "Discord [ONLINE]" you can ask questions in the #cs-help-room channel in the CSE-EE Department Discord Server (see Online/Remote Help section below). In-person help will not be available for those shifts. 


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Help Room Rules

The help room can assist with topics in the following courses:

  • CS 1160, 1180, 1181
  • CS 2200 or MTH 2570
  • CEG 2170

Before asking for help, try to figure out where the problem is and what you understand about it. For programming assignments, possible ways to narrow down the problem area are commenting out everything and then slowly uncommenting things until you find where it breaks or putting in output statements to see how far you get before it crashes.

You should use the help room for problems involving:

  • programming environment issues (software installs and configurations)
  • debugging help (like an exception, infinite loop, missing file, etc.)
  • assignment help (making sure your approach is moving in a productive direction)

You should attend office hours or schedule an appointment with your instructor or teaching assistant if:

  • you don't understand a course concept
  • you don't understand the assignment instructions (like how to get started)

Online/Remote Help

For online/remote assistance, join the CSE-EE Department Discord server -

Once joined, scroll to the CS Help Room category in the server's sidebar.  To request help, post a request or question in the #cs-help-room chat channel.  

Help room workers can then reply with an answer or ask that you join one of the voice chat channels where you can also choose to share your screen. If your post is outside of Help Room hours, it may be followed up on the next shift.

Dr. Taylor's Informal Help Room

Dr. Ronald F. Taylor is available to help students who are taking CS 2200 Discrete Structures and Their Algorithms and CS 1160 Introduction to Computer Programming (Python).

Areas of help are:

  • understanding the importance of discrete mathematics in Computer Science & Engineering
  • how to improve comprehension
  • basic math problem-solving and study skills
  • how to develop a computer code starting with a basic problem statement

If you are exploring short and long-range options for your major, Dr. Taylor will also be available to meet with you for informal advising.

Russ Center 431 Office Hours (2024 Spring Semester)

Mon  3:00 p.m. -  4:30 p.m.
Thu 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Please confirm an appointment day and time by first sending an email to

Additional information is available at

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