Ph.D. in Engineering


image of advisor and studentDissertation Advisor

Students are required to identify a dissertation advisor, with mutual consent, in order to be admitted to the program. To facilitate the selection of an advisor, the student should discuss his/her educational objectives with several focus area DQF members at least one semester prior to submitting his/her application.

The dissertation advisor will serve as chair of the student's Dissertation Committee and will direct the research study.

  • The dissertation advisor must be a dissertation-qualified faculty member of the Ph.D. in Engineering Program. The dissertation advisor is responsible for the overall direction of the research, the regular advising of the student, and the continuing progress of the student in completing his or her Program of Study in a timely manner.
  • It is permissible to have two committee members co-advise a dissertation if at least one member has dissertation-qualified faculty status.

First Semester Registration

Students new to the Program are required to meet with their dissertation advisor prior to beginning their first semester to plan their course registration. First-semester registration should consist of necessary prerequisite courses along with courses leading to advanced study in the chosen focus area.

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