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All program forms (Program of Study, Dissertation Committee, Request for Qualifying Examination, Request for Candidacy Examination, Request for Research Proposal Defense, and Request for Dissertation Defense) must be completed, signed and submitted to the Ph.D. in Engineering mailbox (207 Russ).

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Alternate EGR Seminar Credit

Students may earn one of the three required seminar credits through either a qualifying conference presentation OR publication of a qualifying peer-reviewed journal article. Contact the Ph.D. in Engineering director with questions about the course credit policy.

  • Seminar Credit for Conference Presentations: Students can apply for credit for EGR 8910 based on qualifying conference presentations. One qualifying presentation earns one hour of course credit. Please complete the Application for Course Credit (Conference) (DOCX) and return it to the program office.


Cross Registration

Students may cross-register for courses at neighboring institutions such as the Air Force Institute of Technology and the University of Dayton through the Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE).  More information is available on SOCHE's website.  Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the Ph.D. in Engineering director before cross-registering for courses.

Dissertation Committee and Request for Examination Forms

Available for downloading and completing in Adobe Reader, the dissertation committee and request for examination forms have been designed in PDF format to allow ease in typing information and tabbing through fields. As with any PDF file, information added to the forms cannot be saved but can be printed.

In certain forms, there are fields that prompt you to select from a list of names (select an advisor, select a focus area, select a school). In these cases, a simple click inside the field presents up/down arrows for scrolling through the list of names provided. To make a selection, click on the name. Note that the selected name will remain highlighted.

Completed request forms for the Program Qualification Examination, Candidacy Examination, Research Proposal Defense and Dissertation Defense must be submitted no later than 30 days before each of the scheduled examinations. Forms will not be accepted without the necessary signatures.

To ensure that all students make timely progress through the Ph.D. in Engineering program, we have enacted a Milestone Deadline Policy. Please refer to this policy as you schedule your courses, complete your program of study, and plan your examinations. Please contact the Ph.D. in Engineering director with any questions or concerns about compliance with the milestone deadline policy.

Occasionally, scheduling constraints may interfere with timely completion of the program qualification deadline. In most cases, we can make adjustments to accommodate your choice of courses. Please contact the Ph.D. in Engineering director for more information.

Program of Study Forms

The Program of Study is available in both quarter and semester formats. Students who have already completed the majority of their coursework under the quarter system may use the Quarter Program of Study. Students who will do the majority of their coursework under semesters should use the Semester Program of Study.

Please type your Program of Study and save a copy electronically for future reference and revisions. Your completed Program of Study may be reviewed by the Ph.D. in Engineering director before you obtain additional signatures.

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