PhD in Engineering

Collaboration Requirements

A DAGSI course is a course that is taken at a DAGSI-partner institution other than Wright State University (WSU), specifically, the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) or the University of Dayton (UD). Students in the Program are required to take at least 10% of their course work outside of Wright State whether or not they have a DAGSI scholarship.

At times, students may find themselves in situations in which they have exhausted all of the 700-level courses for their research focus area or want to take a course similar to a Wright State course that is not offered during the semester in which they want to take it. These situations are addressed in the following subsections.

Graduate Level Course Equivalents

Students taking courses at AFIT are expected to register at 600- or 700-level for the DAGSI requirement. Similarly, UD graduate-level courses start with 500-level numbering for DAGSI credit. For more information on courses offered, please see the appropriate website:

Similar Courses

Students are permitted to take courses at DAGSI-partner schools that are similar to WSU courses, but only if the WSU course is not available during the quarter the student wishes to take it. Otherwise, students will not receive credit for the course.

Students are not permitted to take a course at a DAGSI-partner institution that is very similar to a course they have already taken at WSU. For example, UD's MTH 547 is similar to EGR 705 and will not be accepted for credit if the student has already taken EGR 705.