PhD in Engineering

Degree Requirements

To obtain the PhD in Engineering degree, you must complete an approved Program of Study that contains at least 90 semester graduate credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree in engineering or an equivalent degree, or 60 graduate semester credit hours beyond a Master's degree in engineering.

To meet the 90 semester graduate credit hours required for the PhD in Engineering degree, a student must:

  • Complete at least three interdisciplinary core courses and earn a minimum grade of "B" in each course. The core courses are
    • EGR 7010 Applied Linear Techniques
    • EGR 7020 Systems Engineering and Analysis
    • EGR 7030 Computation Engineering Analysis
    • EGR 7040 Design Optimization
    • EGR 7050 Design and Analysis of Engineering Experiments
  • Complete 18 semester credit hours of major courses (7000-level and above) in electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, human factors engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, or in a focus area
  • Complete at least 9 semester credit hours of research focus area courses, i.e., graduate courses (6000-level and above). This may include core courses and courses used to satisfy graduate course requirements
  • Complete at least 6 semester credit hours of breadth courses, i.e., graduate courses (6000-level and above) outside the research focus area
  • Complete at least 6 semester credit hours of graduate (6000-level and above) courses in mathematics (MTH) or statistics (STT).
  • Complete 3 semester credit hours of EGR 8910, PhD Seminar
  • Take no more than 3 semester credit hours of independent study (Course number 7900)
  • Complete between 30-40 semester credit hours of dissertation research
  • Complete the requirements of the Program Qualification
  • Complete the Candidacy Examination satisfactorily
  • Complete the Research Proposal Defense satisfactorily
  • Present a 50-minute dissertation seminar during an EGR 8910 course meeting
  • Submit at least one manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal
  • Complete the Dissertation Defense satisfactorily
  • Complete the final dissertation satisfactorily, as judged by the student's Dissertation Committee and the Graduate School

Note: Students having non-engineering backgrounds are required to successfully complete the equivalent of the relevant math and science sequences required for an undergraduate engineering degree appropriate for their focus area. These courses cannot be used to satisfy degree requirements.

Core Degree Requirements

The purpose of the core course requirement is to assure that you have a strong knowledge of engineering fundamentals. To satisfy this requirement, you must pass three of five interdisciplinary core courses. The core courses are as follows:

Core courses taken beyond the required three may be used to satisfy major or breadth requirements.

Program Examinations

In addition to passing the required core courses and course work, you must also successfully pass the following required examinations:

Grade Standards

Grade standards in the PhD in Engineering Program are identical to those of the Graduate School. Students in the Program must maintain at least a 3.0 grade-point average in all graduate courses in which a letter grade is assigned. Students who do not meet these requirements are subject to probation or dismissal.

Timely Completion

The total elapsed time of a PhD program from admission to passing the final defense shall be no more than 10 calendar years. If you have not completed all requirements for the degree by the end of the semester occurring five calendar years from the time of passing the candidacy examination, you must be re-admitted to candidacy by retaking and passing another candidacy examination.