photo of a student working in a project

The Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering offers bachelors and masters programs in both Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering, as well as a masters program in Renewable and Clean Energy, and undergraduate minors in Materials Science and Engineering and Renewable and Clean Energy. Doctoral programs are offered in Computer Design and Optimization and Materials and Nanotechnology. Please refer to the PhD in Engineering program webpage, for additional information.

Our classes are generally small in size, and our class schedules are determined with students' needs in mind. With the addition of an Assistant to the Chair early in 2007, we have instituted a student advising system to monitor the progress of our students and provide enhanced academic advice to better facilitate a timely graduation.

All students come into our department at different levels, and most students are not born with the knowledge of engineering, nor do we expect them to be. Therefore, in order to prepare our incoming students for the exciting yet strenuous engineering discipline, we require them to participate in a number of introductory courses. In particular, our introductory engineering mathematics course, EGR 1010, which is funded by the National Science Foundation, provides students with the necessary math skills to begin their fundamental engineering and physics courses. In addition, EGR 1010 serves as motivation for the rigorous calculus courses to come. This course has received national recognition for its success in achieving high student retention.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department, our programs, and our faculty.