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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a 120,000-member professional organization focused on technical, educational, and research issues of the engineering and technology community. ASME conducts one of the world's largest technical publishing operations, holds numerous technical conferences worldwide, and offers hundreds of professional development courses each year. ASME sets internationally recognized industrial and manufacturing codes and standards that enhance public safety. The vision of ASME is to be the premier organization for promoting the art, science, and practice of mechanical and multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences to our diverse communities throughout the world.

Our Credo: Setting the Standard... in Engineering Excellence... in Knowledge, Community & Advocacy ...for the benefit of humanity.

Benefits: What's in it for ME?

  • Subscription to Mechanical Engineering Magazine: Mechanical Engineering Magazine is the Society’s official monthly magazine. The magazine delivers industry insight and perspective along with information on technological development and innovative processes. It is a must read every month for 100,000 engineers because it’s coverage of cutting-edge technologies is extensive and reliable. (Free subscriptions are not included when freshman take advantage of the free membership program.)
  • Subscription to Mechanical Advantage Newspaper: The Mechanical Advantage newspaper is published quarterly for student members. The publication contains important information concerning careers in mechanical engineering and highlights major events and accomplishments of student members.
  • Subscription to ASME News: ASME News, the monthly online member newspaper, reports on the significant events of the Society and the accomplishments of members. The newspaper also includes important research bulletins, news for small businesses, a Washington Hotline column, a calendar of events, plus career opportunities.
  • Subscription to the Student E-Zine: The Student E-Zine is electronically delivered to your home, providing up-to-the-minute information such as "Reminders", "News-of-the-Month," "Featured Contest," "Deadlines," and "Links to Professional Newsletters."
  • Student Membership Card, Pin, and Certificate: Upon becoming a student member of ASME a membership card will be mailed to you. Students in the United States will receive their membership certificate and pin from their university's ASME Student Section advisor. If there is no advisor at your university these items will be mailed to you directly. International students will receive their membership pin and certificate by mail. A new membership card will be mailed to you each year with your renewal statement. For replacement cards email
  • Technical Division Membership: ASME has 37 Technical Divisions serving specific disciplines in mechanical engineering. Participation in a Technical Division allows you to gain valuable insight into a particular area and to network with experienced individuals who share your interests. (Student members are eligible to join one Technical Division.)


Any student in good standing with the university and College of Engineering can be a part of ASME. Students membership is only $25 a year and freshmen can take advantage of FREE membership for their first year as a student member. But before you go and say no, check out the benefits above!

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Get in touch with one of your friendly neighborhood ASME Officers!

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  1. Name
    1. The name of this organization shall be the American Society of Mechanical Engineers- Wright State University Student Section. Hence forth, known as ASME.
  2. Purpose
    1. ASME shall exist to
      1. Bring Mechanical Engineering majors together.
      2. Provide support, leadership opportunities, information, and social activities for mechanical engineering majors.
  3. Membership
    1. Any student of Wright State University or member of the faculty or staff shall be eligible for membership regardless of race, sex, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.
    2. Membership in the Professional Society of ASME is encouraged but not required to be a member of the WSU ASME Student Section.
  4. Officers
    1. The officers of ASME shall consist of:
      1. The President who shall:
        1. Chair all meetings
        2. Oversee all activities
        3. Be the official spokesperson for the society
      2. The Vice President who shall:
        1. Chair meetings in the president’s absence
        2. Assist the president in overseeing activities
        3. Perform other duties as assigned by the president
      3. The Secretary (of interior and exterior affairs) who shall:
        1. Record the proceedings of all business meetings
        2. Prepare all out going correspondence
        3. Responded to all incoming correspondence in conjuntion with the president
      4. The Treasurer who shall:
        1. Deposit all monies collected on behalf of the society
        2. Pay all iof the society's bills
        3. Proform other duties as assigned by the president
    2. All officers shall be elected during Spring Semester after Spring Break (Week 8 or later) and shall take office at the end of Spring Semester with a one year term of office.
    3. All nominations for officers shall be made during a Spring Semester business meeting.
    4. Officers shall be elected by majority vote.
  5. Committies
    1. The society shall form committees on an as needed basis.
  6. Meetings
    1. The officers shall hold a business meeting a minimum of twice a semester during the regular academic year. “Regular academic year” is defined as Fall and Spring Semester.
    2. A minimum of one academic activity shall be held a semester during the regular academic year.
    3. At least one social activity a year will be held during the regular academic year.
  7. Amendments
    1. Amendments to this constitution may be made by a plurality vote of the officers in the society.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Constitution (PDF)

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