Combined Bachelor of Science/Master of Science

photo of a student and professor looking at a whiteboardThe Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering offers a combined Bachelor's of Science/Master's of Science (BS/MS) degree program, which allows students to receive both a BS in Mechanical Engineering (ME) or Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) and an MS in ME, MSE, or Renewable and Clean Energy (RCE) degree in 5 years. Up to twelve (12) semester credit hours of 6000/7000-level semester courses may be double counted and applied towards both BS and MS degree requirements.

Admission Process

In the junior year, students who are interested in pursuing 5-year combined BS/MS degrees should submit the Graduate School Application to the Graduate Committee in the department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. Required documents for the application include (1) at least one recommendation letter from department faculty and (2) a program of study approved by both the student's undergraduate and graduate advisor(s). The admission to the Graduate School will normally be at the beginning of subsequent semester.


To be eligible for admission into the combined BS/MS program, the student must satisfy all of the following three requirements:

  • enrolled as a full-time student
  • achieved a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.4
  • completed at least 75 semester credits of the course work required for the BS degree

Admission Status

Upon acceptance into the BS/MS program, the student will have dual status as an undergraduate student and a graduate student. After completion of all the undergraduate course requirements, the student will be transitioned to full graduate status.

Course Requirements

Any of the 4000 level courses that are part of the BS curriculum can be taken at the 6000 level or any of the 7000 level courses may be taken as electives and counted both towards the BS and MS degrees, up to twelve (12) semester hours.

Program Withdrawal

A student admitted to the combined BS/MS program may withdraw from the combined program and continue as a traditional undergraduate student. However, if the student is awarded a BS degree and becomes a graduate student again at a later time, the graduate credits applied to the BS degree cannot be applied to the MS degree.

Program Dismissal

Failure to keep a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or to complete the BS requirements within two years of admission to the combined degree program will result in dismissal from the combined BS/MS program.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Students in the combined BS/MS degree program will pay undergraduate tuition through completion of the BS degree. Upon transition to the Graduate School, they will pay tuition at the graduate level.

Students are eligible for undergraduate financial aid until completion of the BS requirements. Upon transition to the graduate school, they become eligible for graduate forms of financial aid, including graduate tuition scholarships and graduate assistantships.

Grades & Transcripts

Students will receive both undergraduate and graduate transcripts, based on which two separate GPAs will be calculated. Credits that are dual counted will appear on both transcripts.