Senior Design Projects

All BME and ISE students are required to complete the senior design capstone sequence.  Students work with real-world clients to solve real-world problems. Presentations of the completed projects take place at the end of spring semester. Top senior design projects are honored at the student awards ceremony each spring. Spring 2018 projects are:


1. The Impact of Time Constraint on Non-Unique Color Coding
2. 54” Radiator Cooling Fan Value Stream Map
3. Automatic Revenue Comparison Tool
4. Intravascular Catheter Selection

5. Contract Optimization/Comparison Tool

6. University of Cincinnati Health Department of Dermatology No-Show Mitigation


1. Pediatric Oral Sensory Device Measuring the Chewing Development of Young Children

2. Prosthetic Socket Layer Analyzer
3. Wireless Anthropomorphic Hand Model for Applications in Biomimetics
4. An Investigation of Navigation Support Systems for Low-Vision Persons on WSU Campus
5. Quality Control for NeuroMod Stimulators
6. Simultaneous EEG Recording and Transcranial Electric Stimulation
7. Intracranial Pressure Monitoring Training Tool for Critical Care Air Transport Teams
8. Development of Automated Inflatable Hip Protector Garment
9. Mobility Alert Shirt
10. Real-Time Performance Tracking System Application for Wheelchair Track Athletes
11. Dual Modality EEG and fNIRS Headset for Comprehensive Measurement of Cerebral Activity
12. Portable Electrospinner for Wound Repair

Previous years projects: