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Assured and Trusted Digital Microelectronics (Minor)

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Why choose a minor in Assured and Trusted Digital Microelectronics?

Semiconductor Integrated Circuits (ICs) are vital to modern life as they are essential for health, energy, transportation, and defense industries. Health and energy systems are life-critical and smart transportation and defense systems ensure a strong national defense. However, the U.S. has long depended on digital microelectronics built overseas and risks functional and security vulnerabilities from design counterfeits and malicious hardware. The Department of Defense is promoting and sponsoring development of a skilled workforce to manufacture secure domestic ICs. The ADMETE Program at Wright State University provides a unique educational opportunity for students to design and develop microelectronic devices using industry standards; students will gain the skills needed to recognize and address the threat of malicious digital hardware, and to develop secure designs meeting immediate needs in the fabrication processes.

What is involved in Assured and Trusted Digital Microelectronics?

Microelectronic design and fabrication includes several skills common to electrical and computer engineering, and computer science, but does not require advanced mathematics or science. The ADMETE Program is open to all majors. Students learn about the IC design, fabrication, testing, and integration process as performed by different vendors from various parts of the world. Consequently, the assured and trusted process considers the threat of malicious hardware, including layout alteration, design counterfeiters, fault injections, etc., during the chip fabrication process in an untrusted facility. For example, malicious hardware modification at the chip level can function like a software Trojan, but is a physical hardware-based Trojan circuitry that can be added to the design during fabrication. Assured and trusted processes seek to minimize these risks and ADMETE develops the skilled workforce to do so.

Academics and Curriculum

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The Assured and Trusted Digital Microelectronics Minor is open to all students.

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