Electrical Engineering

Cadence Software

Member of the Cadence North America University Software Program

Use of Cadence tools at Wright State University

Cadence software is used in the Department of Electrical Engineering for research projects and the following courses:

  • EE 7520 - VLSI Low Power VLSI Sys Design
    CMOS VLSI subsystems, including data path operators, counters, multipliers, memory elements, and programmable logic arrays, VLSI circuits for FIR and IIR filters, and VLSI circuits for digital data exchange systems.
  • EE 7530 - VLSI Design Synthesis and Optimization
    VLSI Architectural-level synthesis and optimization including data-path synthesis, control-units synthesis, scheduling, and resource sharing. Logic-level synthesis and optimization including two-level and multilevel combinational logic optimization and sequential logic optimization.
  • EE 7540 - VLSI Testing and Design for Testability
    Design for testability of VLSI circuits. Topics include importance of testing, conventional test methods, built-in test, CAD tools for evaluating testability, test pattern generators and compressors.
  • EE 7580 - CMOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design
    Introduction to the techniques, limitations, and problems in the design of CMOS analog integrated circuits. Topics include CMOS analog circuit modeling and device characterization, analog CMOS subcircuits, CMOS amplifiers, comparators, and CMOS operational amplifiers.
  • EE 7900 - Special Problems
    Research in advanced electrical engineering topics.

Cadence is a registered trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc., 2655 Seely Avenue, San Jose, CA 95134.

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