Minor in Electrical Engineering

photo of a student in a labThe Department of Electrical Engineering offers undergraduate minors in five focus areas:

  • VLSI and Computer engineering concentrates on the design and development of computer hardware and very large-scale integrated microchip systems.
    • EE 2000, 4100, 4540, and 4620 required.
  • Microwave engineering concentrates on the design and development of microwave devices, transmission lines and antennas.
    • EE 3450, 4420, 4460, and 4470 required.
  • Signal Processing and Wireless engineering concentrates on signal processing, sensor and MEMS technology, radar systems, and the design and development of wireless communication devices and systems.
    • EE 3210, 3260, 4000, 4210, and 4360 required.
  • Control Systems engineering concentrates on design and development of control and robotic systems.
    • EE 4130, 4170, 4120, 4190, and 4560 required.
  • Electronics engineering concentrates on electronic devices and power electronic systems.
    • EE 3210, 3310, 4100, and 4440 required.

The minor programs are only open to students that are not majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Click here for a full list of Electrical Engineering courses with descriptions.

Requirements for a Minor in Electrical Engineering (PDF)