Electrical Engineering

Undergraduate Research Program in Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles

This Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) will expose undergraduates to the cutting edge research of intelligent vehicles and engage them in the development of innovative solutions. The program will focus on advancing knowledge in five crucial areas:

  • vehicle health management,
  • adaptation and learning,
  • advanced navigation and sensor fusion,
  • cybersecurity, and
  • human-vehicle interaction.

The program will operate as a gateway through which to attract more talented young minds to the cutting edge research of intelligent autonomous vehicles and to develop technical and research skills they will need to be successful in their future graduate studies and careers in STEM. Specific objectives of this REU program include:

  • expose students to emerging areas of intelligent vehicles;
  • reach out to African American students and/or women students and engage them in research opportunities;
  • develop and apply technical expertise in intelligent vehicles and in STEM;
  • develop professional research skills as well as effective presentation and writing skills;
  • encourage their retention and graduate studies in STEM through REU achievements.

Additional distinctive features of the program include:

  • a unique three-tier mentorship program involving faculty members, advisors from industry and the Wright-Patterson Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), and graduate students;
  • strong engagement of African American students and/or women students;
  • a professional skills development program that will help undergraduates acquire effective research and communication skills;
  • a combination of basic research and applied research.

Stipends will be $550 each week for 11 weeks. Travel costs to and from Dayton will be covered, and university residence hall lodging will be provided.

Contact Information

Xiaodong Zhang, Ph.D.

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