Distance Education

photo of a woman looking at a laptop screenThe College of Engineering and Computer Sciences now offers Distance Education courses that provide the convenience and flexibility of completing courses off-campus while maintaining the structure, content and interactivity of traditional courses taught at Wright State University.

CECS Distance Education courses run concurrently with the courses taught on-campus at Wright State University. Each lecture and the supporting course materials are delivered to Distance Education students via the Internet. Distance Education courses are taught by the same instructor or professor as the on-campus course and follow the same syllabus and schedule. There is no difference in tuition or registration for CECS Distance Education courses and other courses offered by Wright State University.

The Masters in Engineering in Industrial and Human Factors Engineering can be earned entirely online!

Available Courses

Course Cross Listed Title Professor
CEG 3310 Computer Organization Dr. Michael Raymer
CEG 3320 Digital System Design Dr. Travis Doom
CS 2210 Logic for Computer Scientists Dr. Pascal Hitzler
CS 5100 Data Structures and Algorithms Dr. Michael Raymer
CS 7100 Advanced Programming Languages Dr. T. K. Prasad
CS 7200 Algorithm Design and Analysis Dr. T. K. Prasad
EE 7010 Applied Linear Techniques Dr. Pradeep Misra
EE 7150 Digital Image Processing Dr. Arnab Shaw
EE 7610 Random Processes Dr. Arnab Shaw
EGR 1010 Intro Math for Engineering Applications Dr. Craig Baudendistel
EGR 7050 Design and Analysis of Engineering Experiments Dr. Frank Ciarallo
IHE 6010 Ethics in Engineering Research and Practice David Kender
IHE 6120 Probability for Engineers Dr. Sasanka Prabhala
IHE 6300 Fundamentals of Human Factors Engineering Dr. Mary Fendley
IHE 6310 Ergonomics Dr. Govind Bharwani
IHE 6400 Engineering Economy Dr. Mary Fendley
IHE 6711 Optimization Methods Dr. Xinhui Zhang
IHE 6711L Optimization Methods Laboratory Dr. Xinhui Zhang
IHE 6820 Supply Chain Analysis and Design Dr. Pratik Parikh
IHE 6850 Six Sigma for Engineers Dr. Govind Bharwani
IHE 6980 Comp Neuroerg & Hlthcare Appls Dr. Subhashini Ganapathy
IHE 7510 Data Mining Dr. Xinhui Zhang
ISE 2211 Statistics for Engineers David Kender
ME 4910 Capstone Design I Dr. Rory Roberts
ME 5120 Mechanics of Materials Dr. Ahsan Mian
ME 6150 ME 4150 Mechanical Design II Dr. Ahsan Mian