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Big and Smart Data Graduate Certificate

Why Choose Big and Smart Data Sciences?

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers a program of graduate study leading to the Education Certificate in Big and Smart Data Sciences. This unique certificate will equip business professionals with the technical foundation needed to manage and analyze Big Data and to create Smart Data-enabled applications for enterprises and individuals.

There is an unprecedented growth in data collected by all types of organizations for scientific, medical, financial, and other purposes. This comes as a result of activities in our interconnected world including social activities on the web. It is produced using sensors and other high throughput devices on or around individuals and around the globe. This has given rise to Big Data, characterized by five Vs (volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value). Big and Smart Data Sciences is about the intelligent processing of Big Data for improved insights and decision-making for enterprises and individuals. It is also about creative approaches, methodologies, and techniques that span data acquisition to analysis and applications.

Academics and Curriculum

View the Big and Smart Data Sciences Graduate Certificate program requirements in the Academic Catalog.



If you are interested in the certificate in Big and Smart Data Sciences, you will need:

  • A Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, computer engineering, or information sciences; or
  • A comparable technical degree from an ABET-accredited institution of higher education with a 3.0 minimum GPA 3.0 and 298 minimum combined GRE score.

How to Apply

Graduate students should apply online to the Graduate School. Submit your application as a non-degree graduate student.

If you have any questions, email for instructions on how to register for the online cybersecurity courses.

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