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Make-IT-Wright Continues to be a great success

This year we had over 100 people sign up and 80 people attend our annual Hack-a-Thon Make-IT-Wright. Work started at 9am Saturday and finished at 9am Sundy with teams working through the night. This 24 hour event shows how great projects can be produced in a short amount of time. 

This years winners are

1st Place: Good Luck (Loki) - A custom virtual keyboard for Android devices. The keyboard randomizes key layout to simulate “drunken” texts from sober individuals.

2nd Place: Air Pen - A computer vision based gesture recognizer that enables rapid efficient one handed text input.

3nd Place: Mus Maker - A cluster of Arduino computers collaborating to form a symphony (many tone generators playing computer composed music). 

3nd Place: Barcode - Encrypted passwords are encoded and printed as barcodes for secure storage and retrieval.

Honorable Mention

Sup - All text messages are automatically encrypted so that even if someone has an unlocked mobile device, stored text messages will still not be readable by unauthorized individuals.

Pi-0 - A cluster of Raspberry Pi computers to support distributed computing.

Help Q - A web application that simulates a student raising a hand to ask a question. Students requests are timestamped and presented in order so that an instructor can easily respond to students in the order student requests were made. 

Script - A web application that uses an FDA hosted database to identify potential drug interactions.

Dice - A graphical application for simulating rolled dice (with any number of faces) using pseudo-random number generators.

Tanks - A multi-player game with tanks battling in an arena

Smart Mirror - A “Magic Mirror” consisting of a computer screen behind a one-way mirror. The magic mirror can be integrated with Air Pen to enable touch less user input.

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