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May 13, 2013
Aviation Psychology Symposium

"The symposium is a collaboration between the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Wright State University, other research institutions, industry, government, military and civilian, trying to improve aviation safety and advance the field,” said Pamela Tsang, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Wright State and one of the event organizers.

The Dayton region is an ideal location for this biannual event, hosted by Wright State University in collaboration with the Air Force Research...

Apr 9, 2013

CS 5300, 5301, 5302, 5303 Computing Systems and Structures: Preparation towards Graduate Studies for Computing Professionals

What is this course? This course is designed for computing professionals that do not have a degree or minor in computer science and that do have a minimum of at least three years of software development experience in the workplace. Students with practical computing experience that successfully complete this course will be ready to enter into graduate studies in...

Mar 4, 2013
When Cory Henson was a little boy growing up in Georgia, his mother bought him a computer...
Feb 19, 2013
WSU Shares 2nd Place in World for Web Research

The World Wide Web (WWW) has become one of the most important areas of research and technology, Ohio Eminent Scholar in 2007 and the establishment of the Kno.e.sis Center in the Joshi Research Center, Web, the decision by the Wright State University to invest in this field, less than five years ago, has been rewarded with international acclaim, as demonstrated by the following (data from Microsoft Academic Search on January 08, 2013):


Oct 26, 2012

On Saturday October 20th, 120 students gathered in the Russ Engineering building to program their hearts out in hopes of winning iPads and other gift cards which were provided by the Programming Contest sponsor Reynolds and Reynolds.

Sep 20, 2012

Wright State University will lead a $1 million project to develop computer aids for designing smart air vehicles that adapt to keep flying, even when damaged in flight.

Starting in October, a research team led by John Gallagher, Ph.D., associate professor of computer science, will build and bash small flyers in a laboratory to see how they adapt and how engineers can observe, measure and predict what they do.

The team includes researchers at Purdue University in Indiana and...

Sep 19, 2012
Wright State University will lead a $1 million project to develop computer aids for designing smart air vehicles that adapt to keep flying, even when damaged in flight.
Sep 17, 2012
Wright State University is responding to growing cyber threats with a new Master of Science degree in cyber security.
Aug 27, 2012

A Fruitful Field for Researching Data Mining Methodology and for Solving Real-Life Problems:

Contrast Data Mining: Concepts, Algorithms, and Applications collects recent results from this specialized area of data mining that have previously been scattered in the literature, making them more accessible to researchers and developers in data mining and other fields. The book not only presents concepts and techniques for contrast data mining, but also explores the use of contrast mining...

May 23, 2012
CECS 25th Anniversary

Mr. Jon Strawsburg, Vice President of Product Planning, Reynolds and Reynolds accepted an award from Dean Narayanan in recognition of the contributions of Reynolds and Reynolds Corporation sponsored scholarship program.  The Reynolds and Reynolds Corporation scholarship program provides scholarship funding for a total of 34 students, with a commitment of $10,000 each over their four-year academic program for undergraduate students in the areas of computer science and computer engineering.


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