Graduate Research and Teaching Assistantships

photo of three students studying togetherWe have a limited number of graduate assistantship positions available each year. 

As a Graduate assistant, you will receive an appointment for the academic year beginning with fall term. These are for students admitted into our graduate programs. Once you have been admitted, apply by February 1st for consideration.​

Graduate Assistants will

  • Maintain full-time graduate status
  • Have a set amount of hours, up to 20, of work per week
  • Receive a stipend and tuition remission

Graduate Research Assistant

Take part in funded research program activities or support a departmental research effort. These activities can be applicable to the graduate degree as a research component. Contact faculty members you would like to work with to pursue this opportunity.

GRA Application

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Engage in instruction and have primary responsibility for one or more class sections. These include lecture, laboratory, or discussion sessions.

GAA Application