Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree Program

Pursue a Master of Science degree while completing your Bachelor’s degree.

We offer a streamlined program designed for completion in 5 years commonly known as our 4+1 program. This allows you to earn a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree.

Your Bachelor's degree can be in either Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Then choose from Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Cyber Security for your Master's degree.

This program allows you, as an undergraduate student, to expand your academic studies. You will start taking graduate level course during your fourth year of undergraduate study. In turn, you will encounter content that is more advanced earlier, improving your career opportunities.




To apply for the combined degree program you must meet all of these requirements.

  • full-time student
  • computer science or computer engineering major
  • have between 60 and 90 credit hours towards your degree
  • a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2
  • an overall GPA in computer science and engineering courses of at least 3.2

 Program Requirements

  • When admitted to the combined BS/MS program you must complete all requirements for both the BS and MS programs.
  • You can use three graduate level CE/CS courses toward both the bachelor’s and master’s degree requirements.
  • You must meet with a graduate advisor and complete a Program of Study after the completion of you second graduate course taken as an undergraduate student.
  • Throughout the combined program you must be a full time student until have received your Master’s degree.

 Program Withdrawal

You may withdraw from the combined program and continue as a traditional undergraduate student at any time. If you withdraw, you are not able to transfer previous graduate credits to a future graduate degree.

 Program Dismissal Rules

You will be dismissed from the combined BS/MS program and continue as a traditional undergraduate student if

  • You do not complete all the bachelor’s program requirements within three years of admission
  • Your cumulative GPA in CE/CS courses or GPA in the three courses counted toward both the bachelor’s and master’s degree falls below 3.0

Graduate courses completed, as part of the program will be used for the undergraduate program. These courses are not able to transfer to a future graduate degree once you have completed your Bachelor’s degree.

 Tuition & Financial Aid

While in the combined degree program, you will pay tuition at the undergraduate rate until you complete your bachelor’s degree. After you receive your Bachelor’s degree, you will pay graduate level tuition.

Financial aid is based upon enrollment status. You will be eligible for undergraduate financial aid while completing your Bachelor's degree. When you become an admitted graduate student, you can then apply for graduate forms of financial aid. These include Graduate Tuition Scholarships and GRAs/GTAs/GAs.

 Grades & Transcripts

You will have both a graduate and an undergraduate transcript. Any courses taken for both the BS and MS degrees will appear on both transcripts. This allows for the calculation of two separate GPAs. All relevant rules about GPAs and continued eligibility, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, use these calculations.