Satisfying the MS Requirements for Thesis


Successfully complete admission prerequisites

If you are assigned admission prerequisites register for at least one every semester until all the prerequisite courses are successfully completed with a grade of C or better.


Satisfy Core requirements

Core courses are generally more rigorous than the other courses; therefore, it is advised not to take all core courses at once, but rather spread them over your program of study. Make sure you have all the prerequisites for a core course before taking it.


Select a Thesis Adviser and Committee

Your dissertation committee should consist of

  • at least three graduate faculty members from the Computer Science and Engineering department

Submit the committee approval form to the department


Complete Thesis Research CEG/CS 7950


Satisfy Program of Study


Apply for Graduation

Refer to the Graduate School for the application deadlines


Thesis Defense

After completing your thesis, you will defend your research results in front of your committee in public. You should provide a copy of your thesis to the committee at least one week before your defense. Tips for writing your thesis can be found on the Graduate School website.

Thesis defense steps

  • Work with your committee to set a date and time for your Thesis defense
  • Coordinate with the department for a room
  • Send an electronic copy of your thesis to the Assistant to the Chair at least two weeks before the defense
  • Provide the Graduate Program Coordinator with the date, time, committee, title, and abstract at least two weeks before the defense

Following your successful defense

  • Submit the completed and signed (by your committee) signature page to the department
  • Upload the final copy of your thesis to OhioLink