Engineering Mathematics Topics and Materials

photo of the dean and students working on an equationEGR 1010 is a mathematics course taught by the College of Engineering and Computer Science faculty, consisting of lecture, lab, and recitation. All topics are driven by engineering applications taken directly from core engineering courses. The lectures are motivated by hands-on laboratory exercises including a thorough integration with Matlab.


  • Basic Algebraic Manipulations (1.0 weeks)
  • Trigonometry (1.0 weeks)
  • 2-D Vectors (1.0 weeks)
  • Complex Numbers (1.0 weeks)
  • Sinusoids & Harmonic Signals (1.0 weeks)
  • Matrices & Systems of Equations (1.0 weeks)
  • Basics of Differentiation (3.0 weeks)
  • Basics of Integration (3.0 weeks)
  • Differential Equations (3.0 weeks)

Class Materials

Sample Materials

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Lecture Notes



Homework is assigned on a weekly basis from the course textbook (5-6 problems) and the course programming book (3-4 problems).

Laboratory Assignments

There are 8 hands-on lab assignments that supplement the course material. Additionally, there are 4 matlab assignments that illustrate a more application based approach to coding.